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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Meeting the Needs of Children in the Data Driven Classroom

In the movement for equity in public education what is often missing is a nuanced understanding of what students' lives are like inside the classroom - what are the social, emotional and cognitive impacts of decades of inadequate schooling and damaging education reform policies on students and student learning and what are the potential long term consequences - both on students and for society?

In this weeks program we hear from Nancy Carlsson-Paige, early childhood education scholar and author who talks about what the developmental needs of school-age children are and how they aren't being met by the current system. Instead, young children experience classrooms that are increasingly devoid of things like play, due to policies that promote an individualistic rather than collaborative climate and aggravate the differences between affluent and under-resourced schools. We also hear from Pauline Lipman, a Professor of Policy Studies in the College of Education, University of Illinois-Chicago about what is needed in order to address the challenges facing public education.

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